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*So. Cal Saltwater: Weekly fishing report
*So. Cal Freshwater: Weekly fishing report
*San Jose Del Cabo: The first week of July has treated anglers to lots of warm sunshine and excellent all around fishing action.
*La Paz, Mexico: Have been fishing almost daily now since June 21st and.........
*Santa Cruz: Since the Salmon bite has tapered off.  We are doing Live bait trips..........
*Cabo San Lucas: This was a great week if the Striped Marlin were your target!
July 9, 2000
*Radio Show : California Sportsmen
Listen to this award winning show here, get the most accurate fishing information Fresh and Saltwater 
*Lake Chabot: The lake remains warm with visibility varied from 3 to 7 feet in some areas.........
*Lake DeValle: The lake has cooled down over the past week due to cooler days and lots of wind.
*Lake Berryesa: Lake Berryessa is all but over until the fall as far as trout and salmon are concerned.
*Feather River: The Feather is finally starting to settle down with consistent flows.......
*Sacramento River: GET READY! -- the Sacramento River opener is just around the bend............
July 7, 2000
*Weekly Fishing Reports:   from Contra Costa Newspapers
*Weekly Fishing Guide:   from the San Jose Mercury News 
July 6, 2000
*HalfMoon Bay: We trolled today and had
an excellent day of salmon fishing along the coast......
*Fort Bragg: We are back in action up here in Fort Bragg!!   Salmon fishing has been on and off...........
*San Jose Del Cabo: Happy 4th of July everybody. Ah, the La Paz Pops were out in force...........
  July 5, 2000
*A Fish Story:  A DAY OF BASS FISHING ON THE DELTA ( Mark Wilson )
*Alan's Pick: Delta Bass Fishing
*Bay Area Lakes:  Reports by: Urban Park Concessionaires
*Collins Lake: 9 yr. old Erik of Santa Rosa caught a 3 Lb. 8 oz bass...................
*Lake Oroville:   is still dropping about 1 foot a day
*Half Moon Bay:  the wind and the seas were up today(7/2/00)!...............
*Cabo San Lucas:  Weekly Reports
*La Paz: 
lot and lots of heavy ice chest going out of the airport right now...................
*New Melones: Weekly Reports

*New Melones: Bass Plant, news release
*Eastern Sierra:  Some improvement as the algae bloom has subsided.......................
*Southern Cal Saltwater:  Weekly fishing reports
*Southern Cal:  Weekly Freshwater Reports
July 2, 2000
*Bodega Bay: Weather here is beautiful and fishing is great.  The "New Aggressor" has been fishing for Rock Cod out at the..........
*Sierra Lakes-Rivers: The DFG has been planting all waters with catchable Rainbows so it shouldn't be hard to find fish.
*Clear Lake: The channel cats are still spawning around rocky areas and submerged tires.........
*Eastern Sierra: Looking forward to seeing some of you around the long 4th of July weekend.
*Santa Cruz: The Salmon fishing at Pleasure Point has been steady for most of the week but........
*San Jose Del Cabo: Well the weather finally settled down this past week and provided anglers with some excellent offshore action.