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Spring time is here, and the trees start to blossom, and the days start to get longer. This is the time of the year I love to start to fish for bass in the Delta. The bass will start to move into shallow bays looking for areas to spawn. For months the bass will usually feed real heavy on crawdads, bluegill, and shad. Bass prefer crawdads because they have a lot of protein which they will need for energy before they spawn.

Spring is usually pre-spawn time which means bass will feed like crazy! I use a lot of spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, and flukes in these shallow bays. Also I will flip a jig or brushhog at the openings of these bays along the tules. When the water temperature gets in the mid sixties use a top water bait.

Look for areas along the main river channel where there are a lot of weed beds. The depth of water should range between 2-5 ft. Areas that look like big ponds will hold some monster bass. Crawdads and shad live in these large weed beds, and small fish use these weed beds for protection. These weed beds also filter the water out and the water is a lot cleaner. Anywhere a levee has broken in the past ten years are prime places. These farm lands that flooded and were never repaired are perfect for bass to spawn in. For example Mildred Island and Franks Tract are two of my favorite spots. These islands are shallow and usually full of weeds and tules. Bass will migrate into these islands to get ready to spawn. I have found that when you locate a good area where the bass are spawning, you can return year after year and have good success.

Good Luck and remember (Catch & Release)

      Good Luck,     Alan Fong

         Practice catch and release!

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