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Hot Summer Days - Frog Technique

With the weather starting to heat up into the century mark (100
degrees), get your tournament frogs ready. As the weather gets hotter and hotter every day the moss beds start to grow very rapidly.
     The weed beds in the Delta never died off this year because of the
mild winter we had. Because of the mild winter and low rainfall during December and January, the weeds never went dormant. The weed beds are almost out of control; some of the larger weed beds I fish are three times their normal size. This makes fishing on a low tide very hard because of the size of
the weed beds.
     When the temperatures get over 100 degrees, the moss starts to attach to the top of the hyacinth (weeds) and the growth rate is unbelievable. Moss
is a form of plant life, which grows very rapidly in warm weather. I have
seen a small patch of moss growing in an area of fifty yards, and in a weeks time it will triple its size.
     Moss beds will make a perfect home for a lot of bass. In the hot weather it is five degrees cooler under the mats. These beds are rich in plankton,  which attract baitfish and crawdads that make these areas their home also.  The bass don't have to go anywhere for food or protection. The bass are very territorial when making these weed beds their home.     Remember that the moss is a form of plant life. When the sun starts to shine on it, it comes alive. It is like a flower, when the sun shines on it the flower will open. When the sun goes down the flower will close, the moss will do the same thing. As the sun heats the moss, it starts to grow and give oxygen.
     The best time to fish the moss beds are in the middle of the day after the sun shines on it for a while. When the moss comes to life so does everything under it because of the oxygen content level.
     I use heavy gear when frog fishing on these mats. I use the Lamiglass Frog rod and a Shimano reel. For the line, I like using a braided super line in the 50# class. When a big bass blows up on the frog it becomes a tug a war. All you can do is hold on and pull, you had better have a strong rod to land any of these giant bass.   Once you learn to fish these moss beds, you can't hardly wait to fish them another day.  Good Luck, Alan
      Good Luck,     Alan Fong

         Practice catch and release!

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