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 1. Alan's Tip On Fall Delta Striper Fishing

 2. California Delta Large Mouth

 3. Using Fish Finder 

 4. Spring Run Striper

 5. Springtime Delta Bass

 6. Springtime Shad

 7. Frogging For Bass

 8.Delta Summer Fishing

9.Vertical Spooning For SALMON


11.Night Fishing For Salmon




Night fishing for Salmon in the American River during the fall runs can
be the most exciting way to catch these fish headed for their spawning
grounds. As the Salmon make their way up the American River they hold up in
the lower dredger holes from the mouth up to the Cal Expo I-80 Bridge.
Normally after 9pm when it starts to get dark and things start to quite down
the Salmon will start to roll on the surface and continue all night long.
When midnight comes along there are only a few boats left fishing and the
Salmon start to bite like crazy. It seems like when the boat traffic calms
down, the Salmon start to bite real good. Look for the deeper holes in about
ten to twenty-five feet of water. Start at the upper end of the holes and
drift through them with an electric motor.
There is a five mile-an-hour speed limit above the Discovery Park Bridge.
Make sure you have all the lights on your boat, because there is sheriff's
out there patrolling.
One of the best baits seems to be the Glow-in-the-dark-Gitzit. Uses a 1oz
spearhead jig and put it inside the Gitzit. Put a small filet of sardine on
the hook. Take a flash box or a silver coffee can and place the Gitzit inside
and flash it. The Gitzit will glow for about ten minutes. Let the Gitzit down
straight under the boat and let it hit the bottom. Lift it up about twelve
inches off the bottom, lifting it up and down slowly. When the Salmon hit it
you will feel a slight tick, lift up on the rod slowly and when you feel the
weight set the hook!
I like to use a G-Loomis (MBR843c IMX) seven-foot medium heavy rod, rated
for 10-20# line. The reel I use is a Shimano Calcutta 250 spooled with 18-20#
maxima line.

Good Luck,     Alan Fong

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